John Bowdler - Happiness




John at the Technics GA3 ( Sequence/Strict Tempo)

[Waltz] Love, Here is My Heart / Eternally / Play, Fiddle, Play 
[Waltz] When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver / Kentucky Waltz / Because You're Mine 
[Caribbean Calypso] Yellow Bird / Island in the Sun 
[Foxtrot] The Touch of Your Lips / Long Ago and Far Away / The Nearness of You 
[Foxtrot] How About You / Hey There 
[Quickstep] Jambalaya / Things 
[Rhumba] South of the Border / April Love 
[Rhumba] If I Give My Heart to You / Again 
[Jive] Rock Around the Clock / Living Doll / Let's Twist Again 
[Saunter] Trust in Me / Red Roses for a Blue Lady 
[Saunter] Singing the Blues / Blueberry Hill 
[Samba] Love Me Tonight 
[Tango] I Can't Tell a Waltz from a Tango / Hold Me 
[Quickstep] Cabaret / Crazy Rhythm 
[Quickstep] If Your Face Wants to Laugh, Well Let It / Chinese Laundry Blues 
[Cha Cha] The Young Ones / Happiness 

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